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Radio Alert

Avigilon Radio Alert takes our easy-to-use video management software — that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics — and integrates it with two-way radios that offer exceptional voice quality, keeping the workforce connected.

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is integrated with the MOTOTRBO and APX P25 two-way radios so users can receive and respond to ACC alarms from their MOTOTRBO and APX radio systems. Alarms resulting from Avigilon analytics, access control and license plate recognition watchlist match events are automatically pushed to Motorola radios in the form of text messages and/or text-to-voice alerts. Security personnel can acknowledge alarms directly from their radios and quickly investigate without needing to continuously monitor activity on a computer screen.

Body-Worn Cameras

Staff in public-facing roles who don’t feel safe at work are more likely to leave the company, utilize employer healthcare services at a higher rate, or bring insurance and legal claims against the employer when a safety incident occurs. Employers who provide body-worn cameras as part of an employee health, safety, and accountability program can find success in reducing workplace security and safety threats and its negative impact on their business and customers.

Ally Incident Management

Streamline security incident management through integrated video. Ally allows your team to manage incident records and video, communicate instantly across devices, and make proactive planning decisions.

Ally is a cloud-based, incident management tool that complements Avigilon’s security product suite with the ability to track, communicate, report, and store incident information. Ally adds significant value to an overall security system as an extension to video by including the critical workflow necessary to manage incidents identified by ACC.

CommandCentral Aware

As you invest in technologies to more effectively aid those in the field, various systems overloading you with information may be making it difficult. Better support real-time operations from the command center by combining voice, data, and video into a single, integrated position with CommandCentral Aware.

CommandCentral Aware aggregates and integrates streaming video, real-time alerts, advanced data analytics, resource tracking, social media analytics, voice, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), records information, and more into a single, intuitive interface with layered geospatial mapping.

Avigilon-Nitro Integration

The Avigilon-Nitro integration provides a reliable, private network to deliver and support a strong video security solution for remote, large, or dense sites.

Organizations can deploy enterprise-grade network solutions to support their growing video security demands. Nitro integration with Avigilon fixed video security offers the ideal solution where commercial broadband and traditional Wi-Fi struggle to meet the demands of business-critical operations due to limited range, lower capacity, less predictability, and potentially expensive installation costs for wired connections. Nitro by Motorola Solutions is the first fully-managed Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) platform that combines private broadband data with business-critical voice, delivering enterprise-grade private broadband that outperforms WiFi, while providing simplicity and full control.