Thermal Body Temperature Detection

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Thermal Imaging Helps You Conquer The Dark

The Avigilon H4 Thermal cameras operate by creating images based on the radiating heat from people and objects.

This technology combined with on-board patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics allows the H4 Thermal camera to detect people and vehicles in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute darkness, and partly camouflaged scenes.

The bullet-style, multi-environment design is outdoor rated and uses a high-performance uncooled thermal sensor.

Combining Thermal Imaging With Avigilon Self-Learning Video Analytics

By combining thermal imaging with patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics, the H4 Thermal camera provides a high level of detection accuracy of events that may require further investigation.

It easily integrates with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, for seamless analytics configuration and alarm notification, helping operators focus on critical events and take decisive action when it’s needed most.

H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection

Facilitates Low-friction and Contactless Pre-screening

The Avigilon H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection camera is embedded with edge-based analytics to detect faces, measure the temperature of the inner canthus region, and notify operators if individuals exhibit indications of elevated body temperature. This security-grade thermal camera provides a low friction, contactless alternative to traditional screening methods. It enables high-throughput pre-screening of people to detect indications of elevated body temperature to keep facilities, and its people, safe.

Absolute Temperature Source

The H4 Thermal ETD is coupled with a black body uniform temperature source, which acts as an absolute temperature reference point for the thermal camera.

Seamless Integration

Built to work seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), elevated temperature events can be configured in ACC along with complete end-to-end workflows for monitoring, assigning and acknowledgment of elevated temperature alarms.

Smart Analytics

Intelligently designed to focus on a subject’s face, ignoring irrelevant temperature signatures from surrounding sources.